poetry in motion

Dancing, ripping and tearing from San Francisco to New York in the deconstruction of Reason.

'Stutter the Violins' is a short film casting elegance on the struggle of structure and chaos. Filmed and edited by Kevin Yee, Thomas McGovern and Sean Keane. Featuring rollerblading and poetry by Jason Greendyk. Incorporating J. S. Bach, Violin Concerto No. 1 in A Minor, BWV 1041 I. Allegro, digitally remastered by Jason Greendyk. 'Stutter the Violins' is a part of the full length film, The Shock Video. It is a byproduct of The Apple Juice, the epic poem of rollerblading by Jason Greendyk.


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Midnight, drau

midnight, drau.png

may 5, 2017

The midnight river was the pulse

Deep behind the veil of days

That produced a sequence of coded expressions

Known only to the farthest reaches of your mind

And in a wash of moonlight

The crests lit briefly

As they rolled into the troughs

And patterned in the constant flow

Was a sequence:


In the relationship of positive statements

That are relatively prime

To the sum of power

We define the nested radical expression

Of seven negative points of Reason

As threads of the structure

Of the all-seeing eye

The clustered roots of the same pieces

In the same logistical positions

Raised to different levels of power

Replaced with a recurring movement

Involving the second and no higher power

Of an unknown hierarchy

Defining their biotic potential

In their method of resistance

That is, the opposite of the electric potential

Of all parts of the lattice

Felt by a single part

Or the power of all charged

Divided by the charge

Into echo chambers

The sum of power felt by all

Exercised by none

Divided by a circular argument

Expanding the sum of power infinitely

To result in a closed form

A constant circular movement

Arising in an attempt to find

The finite meaning of the infinite

The reciprocal of the convergence of unity

And the root of its digression

A linear measurement repeated

To result in a finite value

The limiting ratio of the infinite

Resounding as you approach

In linear recurrence

Raising the power of the circular movement

Within the limiting ratio

Of a spiraling thread

Hanging the structures of the all-seeing eye

Cut by the power of Reason

Into seven linear pieces

Nested into a recurring radical expression

With imaginary roots

That only become approximately real

When cut by logic

And counted in sequence

Each recurrence spiraling deeper

Changing the sequence


What is the finite meaning of an infinitely changing meaning?

What is the constant?


The midnight river runs on

As you stare into the distance