New Book Coming Soon, Lullabies for Warriors

Recollecting this interview with Aloud and how important it is to keep the free spirit of speaking Aloud alive in this new age of Trump.

I will soon be releasing a new poetry book, Lullabies for Warriors, which approaches head on in what was real time the conflicts and hopes of presenting the world to a new human being. The work links back to when I first conceived the real possibility of having a child in my mind and continues through his physical conception, birth and first 3 years of life. The spiritual conception was close to when this interview took place...


"ALOUD: Do you think artists can feel a bond with their work that a parent might feel with a child? 

JASON: People can almost treat their artwork in the way they might treat a child. Nurturing it, treating it with love and watching it grow. The fact that we can approach artwork in this sense of nurturing growth and then let it all go rather than cling to it."


Now, since my son's physical conception, the nurture of child and art have been simultaneous, and synonymous.

Stay tuned!