Somewhere deep in the memory of freedom

Silence was the only way to remember

The other clouded your stargazing

With every word

Every truth between the lines

A cliché you’d taught yourself to ignore

And somewhere deep in the memory of freedom

There were accounts of yourself

That had been forgotten

Pushed into the abyss

By your own blood perspiring

Breathing through your lives

A reincarnated whole

The departures of your eloquent tastes

Sewn tight and sweetly run

Like rivers cut through rock

Over ages, gently carry on

The violence in their humble movements

Having become a serene intrusion

Which disconnected from emotion

Gave your intellect a home

The Reason for your freedom

Sets you to speak your other and break the silence

—Was the only way to know

What resided deep in the hollow repetition

That agitated your every thought

Brought your motive to light

A faint star through ambient society