Life Was a Gorgeous Deep Blue

Usurping the nation
A lake in flames brought peace
In melancholy
A house took flight from its base
The forest was thick to walk
The songs of birds were profuse
With laughter
Cackling like a madness had overcome
The hunters eager
To rationalize taking
Life was a gorgeous deep blue
The twilight of freedom
In paradox posed by Reason
Are we free to take?
Or free to live?

Take the trash out
The river flowed with waste
In algal forms it barely broke the surface
Concealed beneath
A home that was always moving forward
Watching for the sea to devour it
The discarded vessels of homes
Life was a chemical blue hue
And the living toll

Let live the resilient
They are free to grow
Along the banks
The soil their roots drink
Soaked in leaking oil
Life was a dream of blue water
Distant from the dark minds
The night cometh for you
It envelops your uncertainty
The midnight river is black
And the white of the moon
Reflects and it knows
Take your life and live free
Or be discarded