When the Darkness had Gone into the Fire

When the darkness
Had gone into the fire
Consumed by the flickering
Facade of light
A divisive rhetoric of metaphysics
In eternal stillness
Light and dark
Balanced by figurative motion
What has unleashed
What power swells in ignorant truths
What freedom gives birth
To oppression
Where is the counterweight
In the digitalization of resistance
The lightness of offense
The effortless votes
Where is their weight
The machine has long ago
Been consumed in the flickering of life
The crests and troughs
That defy the analytic pattern
The unborn will of a people
Growing in the womb of a new order
Biding time in the yet comfortable
Silence of the one long night
Waiting for the fire
To consume the darkness
The flames lighting its fickle trespasses
As it lights those who trespass against us
Lead us not into oblivion
But deliver us from inertia
For flickering is humanity
Its power and its glory